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We're living in the future. Why should your business cards remain stuck in the past? You need cheap business cards that don't just give your customers your name and address. How can you do that? Easy! Our Sharpcards are the business cards Toronto businesses need to give their clients the information they want right away. We are proud to say that we have successfully devised a way for you to keep your customers connected to your business wherever they are.



  Are you a Photographer or Videographer? Upload your high resolution images or HD videos right to the Sharpcard and hand them out to your clients. They can look at your brilliant work within a matter of seconds.



 Are you a doctor, lawyer, real estate agent, or other professional? Record a personalized audio or video message for your clients to explain, in your own words, why they should choose your services over the competition.




  As an artist, it's hard to carry your portfolio around with you and you can't simply hand out your portfolio to everyone, right? Well actually, using our Sharpcard, you can! Take pictures of your work, upload the content to your card, and start showing off your work.




  Students can take advantage of Sharpcard technology too. Upload your resumé, research, and work onto your Sharpcard and hand them out to professors, potential employers, or fellow students.



  Do you have weekly specials at your restaurant? Give these cards out to your loyal customers so they can scan them and see your specials before they even arrive!



 These are just some of the ways you can utilize the Sharpcard. We can print business cards that make a statement no matter what business you are in.









We print business cards unlike any other cards on the market. Our cheap business cards are the business cards Toronto business owners trust to sell their products to both new and returning customers.




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